Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

A Comprehensive, Integrated Solution Proven Worldwide

CETCO provides a full range of waterproofing technologies that integrate for world-class performance.


We have the solution for your foundation.



Global reputation for quality and experience

We understand the complex challenges that arise during construction. With over a half-century of experience, CETCO has developed a comprehensive line of durable waterproofing system based upon the performance of creating an active, positive seal against concrete foundations. Our proven waterproofing technologies and quality assurance program provide the most comprehensive single-source system in the market; developed to withstand even the most difficult conditions and contaminants.


Working together, our products and integrated quality assurance approach ensure that the waterproofing system protects your investment.

Below Grade Protection

Our leading-edge range of waterproofing products protect a wide variety of below grade applications:

  • Property Line - CETCO waterproofing membranes quickly install on almost any shoring retention wall system. Once confined by the concrete pour, they create a strong positive seal against the concrete foundation.
  • Underslab - CETCO membranes remain in direct contact with an underslab to provide a watertight barrier against hydrostatic conditions.
  • Backfilled Wall - Even on green concrete, you can affix a CETCO waterproofing membrane to a backfilled wall for a quick and efficient waterproofing installation.

Single-source system

Nothing threatens a building’s structural integrity and interior environmental quality like water ingress. From industry-leading membrane technologies to foundation drainage and concrete joint waterstops, CETCO provides the complete solution for foundation waterproofing. 


CETCO waterproofing products are tested to protect a structure from water at up to 70 meters (231 ft.) of hydrostatic head pressure. Whatever your application, CETCO’s full range of products provides you with optimum performance for all your foundation waterproofing needs.


Best-in-class quality assurance program

Protect your structure with the industry-leading HydroShield™ Quality Assurance Program, a proven, systematic approach that protects your structure with a no-dollar-limit warranty for 100%, non-prorated protection for the entire term of the warranty and includes:

  • Design Assistance
  • System Review
  • Job-Specific CAD Details
  • Complete Product Offering
  • Trained, Licensed Applicators
  • Third-Party, Independent Inspection
  • Contractual Accountability

CETCO - Pioneer and leader in waterproofing

With more than 60 years of experience in waterproofing technology, CETCO has garnered worldwide recognition for quality, performance, and reliability. From underslab, property-line, and backfilled wall applications, you can be assured of optimum performance for all your foundation waterproofing needs.


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