VOLTEX® Waterproofing Membranes

Leading Waterproofing Worldwide

The VOLTEX® waterproofing membrane line is the proven technology for exceptional waterproofing and contaminant protection with easy installation.


It’s the first-choice water barrier across the globe.

Voltex Underslab

World-class waterproofing performance


Lighter and more impervious than traditional waterproofing products, VOLTEX combines sodium bentonite layered within a durable geomembrane to provide waterproofing protection for any cast-in-place, below-grade concrete construction, such as:

  • Structural Slabs
  • Property Line Walls
  • Backfilled Walls
  • Cut-and-Cover Tunnels
  • Earth-covered Structures

VOLTEX also outperforms other solutions for precast concrete construction and under contaminated conditions. In both hydrostatic and nonhydrostatic conditions, VOLTEX is dependable, expanding as it absorbs water to seal any small concrete cracks caused by ground settlement or concrete shrinkage, the bentonite core using the water’s own pressure to block gaps.


Easy installation saves you money

Featuring exceptional flexibility for maximum conformability when fitting to a structure, VOLTEX can be installed directly to green concrete and placed as soon as forms are removed—no need to wait for the concrete to cure. Requiring no primers or adhesives, simply position VOLTEX and fasten it in place. VOLTEX can be installed even in extreme temperatures, so installation is quick and easy—and easy on your budget.


Durable and contaminant resistant

Extremely durable, VOLTEX is self-seaming and self-sealing—there’s no worries about the inevitable small tears and punctures that always occur on construction sites—and is available with a variety of enhancements (see below) to protect against contaminants including saline, nitrates, phosphates, chlorides, sulfates, lime, and organic solvents.


Available in four variations



Standard Bentonite


VOLTEX is a proven waterproofing membrane ideal for vertical and horizontal foundation surfaces. VOLTEX incorporates the high-swelling and self-sealing properties of sodium bentonite to form a monolithic, low permeable membrane to protect the structure from water ingress. VOLTEX contains zero VOCs and can be installed on green concrete in almost any weather condition.


Standard Bentonite with HDPE Composite


VOLTEX DS combines the proven waterproofing technology of VOLTEX with an integrally bonded polyethylene liner. VOLTEX DS is designed for projects that require additional chemical resistance and low-water vapor permeability.


Chemically Resistant Bentonite


VOLTEX CR includes all of the advanced waterproofing capabilities of VOLTEX plus a polymer-treated sodium bentonite for exceptional protection in low to moderate saline or contaminated groundwater conditions, including elevated levels of nitrates, phosphates, chlorides, sulfates, lime, and organic solvents.



Chemically Resistant Bentonite & HDPE Composite


VOLTEX DSCR combines the advanced waterproofing and low permeabilities for water vapor transmission of VOLTEX DS with the saline and contamination protection of VOLTEX CR for protection against higher levels of contamination by nitrates, phosphates, chlorides, sulfates, lime, and organic solvents.

CETCO - Pioneer and leader in waterproofing

CETCO is the leader and pioneer in cutting-edge waterproofing membranes. Around the globe, our innovative teams of clay mineralogists, chemists, and polymer scientists transform ordinary minerals into extraordinary technology to solve day-to-day problems worldwide.









    Foundation drainage composite consisting of a molded profile core and a filter fabric. System includes drainage and base drain collection.

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    Hydrophilic polyurethane caulk used for detail work including pipe penetrations.

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    Trowel grade mastic used to detail around penetrations, corner transitions and terminations. 



    Cementitious Board
    12 mm (1/2”) thick cementitious wall board for protection of waterproofing during the removal of steel soldier pile cap and top lagging boards.


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    A multi-purpose UV stable single component polyether moisture cure sealant/adhesive. Primary applications are grade termination sealant, membrane lap sealant and waterstop adhesive.

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    Self-adhering flashing membrane used for grade and thru-wall flashing.

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    Water soluble film tubing filled with active granular material.

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    Premium tape used to seal overlapped membrane edges of VOLTEX DS.

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    Preformed, single piece cover for tie back heads and soil heads. Four sizes available: TB-3, TB-6SN, TB-8, and TB-10. 

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    Termination Bar

    Min. 25 mm (1") wide aluminum or stainless steel bar with pre-punched holes on 300 mm (12") centering for fastening.

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    Hydrophilic, swelling concrete joint waterstop used around penetrations and applicable concrete joints. WATERSTOP-RX swells upon hydration to form a positive seal in concrete cold pour joints.

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    Active granular material used to at detail areas that require additional protection.

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