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Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

We manage our operations, our capital and our business opportunities in a sustainable manner, and we place the health and safety of people ahead of everything else. The Company serves as a good steward of natural resources, and we employ sound environmental practices to protect the communities in which we operate, including comprehensive land reclamation activities.


Just as we focus on continuous improvement in all facets of our business – processes, systems, products and services – we also apply the principles of Operational Excellence in our labor practices. We promote a culture of diversity and inclusion in both hiring and career advancement, and are committed to protecting and advancing human rights globally. This commitment also includes providing all MTI employees with the resources and training necessary to enable each of them to assist the Company in meeting its environmental, health and safety, and business objectives.


MTI has issued its tenth Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report outlining the Company’s efforts in continuous improvement regarding safety, the environment, social impact on the workplace, finance and operations.


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