Engineered Solutions

Improve your manufacturing processes and projects with advanced technologies for foundry, steelmaking, environmental, and infrastructure applications.

High-Temperature Technologies

Specially formulated products and application technologies custom-tailored to solve complex challenges in high-temperature environments.

refractories icon

Leading-edge monolithic and shaped refractory materials and specialty products, services, and application and measurement equipment.

Ferrotron Icon

Fast, accurate laser profile measurement technology for steelmaking operations.

Metallurgical Wire Icon
Metallurgical Wire

Products and support providing enhanced castability and reduced calcium treatment costs.

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High-purity carbon-based products for rapid heat transport and spreading.

Metalcasting Icon

Leading technologies that enable foundries to reduce costs and improve quality.

Environmental & Infrastructure

Environmental and remediation solutions, fluid management technologies, and infrastructure-related products and solutions for critical projects worldwide.

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Building Materials

Active and passive waterproofing membrane technologies to protect the building envelope above and below grade.

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Water and Remediation

Efficient, cost-effective water treatment and filtration technologies and contaminated sediment remediation solutions.

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Environmental Products

Innovative options to prevent pollution and protect groundwater in municipal, power plant, and mining waste facilities.

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Drilling Products

Enhancing the cost-effectiveness of drilling operations by improving drilling fluid properties.

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Energy Services

Customized solutions to increase production, maintain compliance, and extend asset life.

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