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Total Solutions Designed to Enhance Foundry Performance and Casting Production.

MTI's American Colloid Company (ACC) is well known for establishing the global standard for premium foundry-grade bentonite and green sand molding materials for the metalcasting industry since 1927. Our high-quality product solutions, paired with a global network of technical support specialists, provide foundries with a unique solutions package unlike competing companies. We serve our customers with a unique ability to evaluate foundry operations, diagnose problems, and provide high-quality customized solutions, that delivers an added level of value and service above and beyond other product providers. Our solutions are formulated to enhance casting production and performance and are used worldwide by both small and large-scale metalcasting foundries. Our complete product range consists of bentonites, customized performance blends, chromite sand, cellulose, and specialty carbonaceous materials, in addition to specialty metal treatments for non-ferrous foundries.


Green Sand Bonds

High-quality blends of bentonites and organic additives for use in green sand casting operations.


Chromite Sand

Premium foundry-grade chromite sand for use in traditionally difficult metalcasting applications.

Metal Fluxing Agents Card Image

Metal Fluxing Agents

Specialty ladle fluxes designed for use with both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

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Technical Services

Offering our customers an added level of value through our Sand Laboratory services and staff of experienced technical professionals.

MTI Academy Tablet

Metalcasting education anytime, anywhere…

MTI Academy is designed to provide simple and clear support to our foundry customers through short, visual, self-guided educational modules. The  program contains a significant volume of information on the green sand process and applies didactic and illustrated presentation methods that provides foundry men and women with an easily accessible means of learning or modifying their existing knowledge. As part of our dedication to sharing our knowledge and providing an educational platform, we have developed a training program consisting of short and concise, self-trainings and evaluations.


Laboratory Services

A key component is our advanced laboratory facilities and our team of highly qualified and experienced staff. Our laboratories are located around the world in addition to facilities at our bentonite processing plants which serve to support exploration, mining and production of our products. Our global testing facilities offer extensive product testing and research analysis capabilities that allow us to better support our customers and assist them in meeting their competitive challenges.

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