A complete systems approach to solving for monolithic refractory challenges.

Expert solutions for Furnaces, Molten Metal Handling vessels, and Tundishes.

As the premier supplier of engineered refractory lining systems, we manufacture monolithic refractories for the iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, minerals processing and glass markets. Combined with our application systems and measurement innovations, our products and systems help manufacturers increase productivity and lower overall costs.

Our monolithic refractory products incorporate the most advanced ceramic engineering technology to provide the optimal service life and lowest operating cost for ferrous, non-ferrous, and industrial processing applications. Learn more about our expertise in solutions for blast furnace, basic oxygen furnace, electric arc furnace, molten metal handling vessels, and tundishes.

The safer way to maintain refractories.

Meet MINSCAN® LSC, a smart, integrated refractory tool that combines our world-class technologies to deliver on steelmakers’ EAF needs.

Minscan Probe

The Winning Combination To Meet Steelmakers’ Needs.

Our MINSCAN® LSC is the world leader in real-time automated EAF refractory maintenance and provides the safest way to maintain a furnace. It pairs our industry leading MINSCAN remote gunning applicator with our Ferrotron® LaCam® EAF lining measurement system and uses our state-of-the-art SCANTROL™ software to deliver an unparalleled EAF refractory tool. Our proven system takes a refractory measurement, evaluates the lining for areas that need to be repaired, provides a maintenance plan to the operator, and then applies the refractory in a fast, cost-effective way. The concert of these sophisticated technologies keeps employees away from the high heat and molten metal.

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