Drilling Fluid Additives

Offering a wide range of high quality products to meet our customer’s needs

Drilling Fluid Additives supplies various grades and blends of lignite and bentonite to the drilling division of the oil and gas industry. These products are an ingredient in drilling muds that provide increased lubrication, increased solids transport ability, filtration control and better rates of penetration for both water-based and oil-based muds.

We offer a variety of shipment sizes to meet industry needs along with a variety of bentonite and lignite offerings. Ranging from raw materials by the boxcar to 2,000 pound bulk bags to privately labeled 100 pound bags sold by the pallet, Drilling Fluid Additives meets the demands of multinational and independent drilling companies, alike.

Raw material for bentonite and lignite are sourced from the highest quality mines in North Dakota and Wyoming. Our mining management is well-devised allowing various grades of clay to be blended to create top-end blends while responsibly managing and conserving our resources. We take pride in environmental stewardship; once mining activities have concluded, we return the land to a better state than when operations commenced.



  • Freshwater and deep well drilling
  • Freshwater mud systems
  • Oil-based and synthetic-based mud systems




  • PREMIUM GEL® - 90 bbl yield bentonite, API specification 13A, section 9
  • PREMIUM GEL® NT - Non-treated 90 bbl yield Wyoming bentonite, API specification 13A, section 10
  • SUPER GEL® - 200 bbl yield bentonite
  • CGB-211 - High grade bentonite used for cementing or base product for organoclays
  • Bentonite Chips - 1/4” or 3/8”


  • SUPER LIG - Lignite with a high humic acid content
  • SUPER-TREAT® - Caustized lignite
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