AKWASEAL® Polyurethane Chemical Grout

Triple-Action Protection in a Single Seal

AKWASEAL provides three powerful actions to stopping water infiltration.


Why settle for one?




Stops water penetration

For cracks, fractures, holes, joints, or even improperly consolidated areas, AKWASEAL is your most reliable barrier against water, preventing water ingress for a variety of materials, including:

  • Concrete
  • Clay
  • Tile
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Mortar
  • Brick

When injected into a gap, AKWASEAL seals against water through its triple action:

  1. First, it bonds chemically to the surface of the material.
  2. Second, it forms a mechanical anchor in the irregular surface areas of the gap.
  3. Third, it expands to create a compression seal within the gap.

Contact with water transforms AKWASEAL into a dense polyurethane foam that water cannot pass through. Once cured, elastomeric and flexible AKWASEAL resists cracking and pulling apart, standing up exceptionally to cycles of wet and dry as well as freezing and thawing.


Apply even on wet surfaces

AKWASEAL can be applied without first stopping seepage or leaks—it bonds to either wet or dry surfaces, saving you money in time and installation, especially in remedial waterproofing projects.


Durable and chemical resistant

Not only an exceptional seal against water, AKWASEAL’s closed cell foam structure is resistant to organic solvents, mild acids, alkali, petroleum, and micro-organisms.


Two solutions to meet your specific project needs

AKWASEAL is available in two formulations:

  • AKWASEAL LV - a low viscosity polyurethane chemical grout that forms a semi-rigid barrier
  • AKWASEAL FLEX - a polyurethane chemical grout that forms a flexible barrier

How it does it

Non-corrosive AKWASEAL is a semi-rigid, low viscosity, hydrophobic polyurethane chemical injection grout. It stops water infiltration by adhering to the installation surface and reacting with water, becoming an expanding foam that fills a void and forms a watertight seal.


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