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Solutions for Waste Containment and Vapor Mitigation.

Leaders in Lining Technologies for Waste Containment Systems and Vapor Mitigation.

CETCO Environmental Products provides lining systems and vapor mitigation technologies that exceed the industry standards and offer innovative alternatives to traditional construction options. The CETCO team works to establish new standards in product and service excellence and to provide innovative solutions, meeting the most difficult challenges. With the desire to educate as well as innovate, the CETCO team works globally, partnering with industry professionals to provide free educational seminars on the latest industry trends.

Waste Containment.

With proven waste containment technology, our Geosynthetic Clay Liners can protect against contamination from a wide spectrum of municipal and industrial waste materials. With a full range of product formulations combined with our proven expertise, we engineer solutions customized for individual site requirements.

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Waste Containment


Featuring our proprietary, high-density needle-punching construction, CETCO GCLs encapsulate high-quality bentonite or our patented polymer-modified bentonite between geotextiles to produce GCLs with industry-leading shear strength performance to meet the slope stability demands commonly found in mining applications. CETCO GCLs outperform compacted clay liners in both performance and ease-of-installation. Millions of square feet of GCL is installed for heap leach pads, tailings storage facilities, evaporation ponds, capping, and bauxite residual storages each year.

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Coal Combustion Residuals Containment.

CETCO is using our proprietary products to tackle coal ash. Polymer-modified bentonite GCLs are customizable engineered solutions to provide the highest level of chemical compatibility for hydraulic barrier performance in extremely aggressive leachate coal combustion residuals containments. Millions of square feet of Resistex® GCL is installed for evaporation ponds, bottom/fly ash containment cell applications each year.

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Coal Combustion Containment
Liquid Containment, Ponds, Canals and Stormwaters

Liquid Containment, Ponds, Canals and Stormwaters.

With proven liquid containment technology, CETCO’s GCLs can take on the challenges of any site. From bentonite-based GCLs to polymer-modified GCLs, our line is extensive and solutions customizable.

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Secondary Containment.

CETCO’s GCLs are used around and underneath above-ground petroleum storage tanks as secondary containment. Installation details and penetrations are easily handled, resulting in a cost-effective installation.

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Secondary Containment
Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation.

CETCO offers a suite of sub-slab vapor intrusion barrier systems comprised of EVOH membranes, sprayed applied LIQUID BOOT, geotextile reinforcing, protection layers, drainage, and venting components.

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GCL Lining

What makes CETCO GCL unique?

Durable needlepunched reinforcement ensure that CETCO GCLs can withstand shear stresses on steep slopes, and provides higher peak internal shear strengths, without relying on supplemental processing.

Granular bentonite creates less dust during installation and is less likely to shift through the needlepunch reinforcement process.

Supergroove™ technology is a groove in the nonwoven fabric that allows the bentonite to migrate out and self-seam at the overlap, easing installation by eliminating the need for supplemental bentonite.

Lamination capabilities to provide composite geomembrane-GCL products.

Bentomat® GCL

Sodium bentonite-based GCLs provide an excellent hydraulic barrier in applications where leachate in direct contact with the GCL is relatively non-aggressive, or in composite lining applications where the GCL is overlain by a thermally welded geomembrane and hydrates from uptake of innocuous moisture from the subgrade.

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Resistex® GCL

RESISTEX Geosynthetic Clay Liners are a polymer-modified bentonite GCL that are engineered to provide the highest level of chemical compatibility for hydraulic barrier performance in extremely aggressive leachate environments.

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Liquid Boot® System

For moderate-risk underslab and below-grade vertical walls, LIQUID BOOT® is an effective vapor intrusion barrier system for methane, radon and CO2.

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For high-risk underslab and below-grade vertical walls, LIQUID BOOT® PLUS combines traditional Liquid Boot® spray-applied membrane with high-performance VI‑20™, a 20-mil polyethylene-EVOH copolymer membrane, to form a superior vapor intrusion barrier that’s ideal for VOCs including BTEX and chlorinated solvents.

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Vapor Intrusion Barrier

Your Most Effective Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Solution

Proven with over 50 million square feet of successful installations worldwide—in hospitals, schools, libraries, high-rise commercial and residential buildings, multi-family housing developments, and major public works projects—LIQUID BOOT is the premier vapor intrusion barrier system.

Unique and Customizable Solutions

We are here to help select and design GCLs for your project.

When designing a GCL, it is imperative that a leachate sample is obtained and submitted for testing as early as possible in the design process to ensure the proper solution is selected.

We perform these analysis in GRI accredited CETCO R&D facility and third-party laboratories.


  • Collect sample of leachate or coal ash


  • Initial leachate chemical analysis
  • GCL proposed for proxy testing


  • GCL proxy testing to validate product selection
  • Write performance-based GCL specification


  • Long-term permeability testing


  • Perform site specific direct shear testing and choose the right geotextile package


  • Finalize GCL product selection

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