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Our complete line of professional products is specially designed to enhance the cost-effectiveness of drilling operations by controlling and improving drilling fluid properties. Each drilling product is supported by our experienced field engineers and research scientists. Offering a wide assortment of high-quality bentonite drilling fluids, grouts, sealants, polymers, and additives, CETCO can help maximize your drilling efficiency and meet your needs in the field.

Environmental Drilling

Environmental Drilling

We offer a complete line of grouts, drilling fluids, and lubricants that are environmentally safe and organic-free.

Foundation Drilling

Foundation Drilling

SHORE PAC® handles the most difficult soil conditions and our complete line of specialty additives have a proven track record of delivering the highest levels of performance and most advantageous total project economy of any slurry technology.

Geothermal Drilling Grouting

Geothermal Drilling & Grouting

CETCO offers the most complete line of grouting products for the geothermal heat loop installation industry. All CETCO Geothermal Grouting products offer ease of mixing and pumping and have low permeabilities that exceed state guidelines.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

HYDRAUL-EZ® high-yield drilling fluid is the trusted solution for maintaining borehole integrity. Our extensive line of high quality and reliable additives will assist you in improving the performance of all your drilling operations.

Mining & Exploration

CETCO drilling products for mining and minerals exploration can be used with all types of drilling methods for improved sample recovery.

Slurry Wall Excavation Backhoe

Slurry Wall & Tunnelling

CETCO offers a full line of bentonite and polymer solutions for all civil applications. Proven products like PREMIUM GEL® will assist you in successful cost-effective completion of your projects



Our solidification products make it easy transform used liquid drilling fluids into disposable, dumpable solids in minutes. When you’re through, you have a solid product that passes RCRA paint filter and slump tests and can be taken directly to a landfill — or simply mixed into the soil at the project site.

Waterwell Grouting

Waterwell Drilling & Grouting

CETCO’s high quality one-step bentonite grouts control contaminate infiltration and preserve ambient groundwater quality in waterwell, geothermal, and environmental applications.

Well Rehabilitation

With an outstanding history, CETCO well rehabilitation products have long been the industry standard for improving well efficiencies that have been diminished by the presence of debris and related deposits, mineral encrustation, and other occurrences of chemical and physical plugging.



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Professional Drilling Products That Keep Operators Running at Peak Efficiency

Drilling Fluids

CETCO has consistently provided the drilling industry with the highest quality drilling fluids that keep operators running at peak efficiency. Our bentonite-based drilling fluids are made from the highest quality sodium bentonite from Wyoming.

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Grouts & Sealants

CETCO® and PUREGOLD® grouts and sealants provide for the grouting of newly constructed wells and decommissioning of abandoned wells and boreholes. In addition to traditional grouts and sealants, CETCO offers specialty grouts for ground source heat pump (GSHP) systems and utility & telecommunications grounding.

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Polymers & Additives

Our diverse line of polymers and additives continues to assist contractors in the most difficult soil conditions. CETCO polymers and additives consistently deliver the highest performance, therefore adding significant value. Our extensive line of high quality and reliable additives will assist you in improving the performance of all your drilling operations.

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Our solidification products make it easy to transform used liquid drilling fluids into disposable, dumpable solids.

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Testing Equipment

CETCO offers clients the correct tools to evaluate your drilling fluids. Using the correct testing equipment for your application and conducting these tests the correct way can make all the difference.

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NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 60 Certified Products

CETCO prides itself in providing top quality products to our customers. One of the ways our commitment to quality is demonstrated is by obtaining NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 60 certification for many of our products. A complete list of CETCO products that carry this certification is below.

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