HydroShield™ Quality Assurance Program

If It's Worth Building, It's Worth Protecting

Nothing threatens the structural integrity and interior environmental quality of a building like water ingress. That's why waterproofing is so important in protecting the structure and the valuable assets inside - people, furnishings, equipment, and inventory. That's why owners rely on the HydroShield Quality Assurance Program to protect your structure. 


It's our business to protect your structure. 






Holistic Approach

A professional technical team with years of practical field experience will work with you to provide a thorough review of the specification and waterproofing details for optimum compatibility and efficient construction.



Trained Local Applicators

Since 1981, CETCO has maintained and managed an industry-leading Approved Applicator Program. Highly qualified, local applicators are trained, approved and supported by CETCO to ensure the installation is done right, the first time.



Job-Specific Design Assistance

CAD details minimize impromptu work-arounds and ensure both design and construction teams understand the installation requirements. We work with your design team to select and plan the waterproofing system best suited to your project’s site conditions and construction methodology.



Integrated Performance

Every waterproofing project presents its own unique set of conditions and challenges. CETCO provides a wide range of products and accessories to ensure that the right waterproofing solution is chosen and installed to meet the specific requirements of your project.



Field Support

Inherent with all construction projects are unexpected challenges that require skilled and creative problem-solving. CETCO’s Technical Support Managers offer world-class service and support to ensure your needs are addressed efficiently and accurately.


Independent Inspectors

Effective waterproofing inspections require a well-coordinated field effort. Compliance with project requirements during installation and subsequent work by other trades is monitored by third-party independent inspection hired by the owner.