GREENSCAPES® Green Roof Systems

Proven system assemblies, job specific growing media and a comprehensive offering of accessories to construct any green roof design.

GREENSCAPES® Green Roof Systems combine the performance of proven waterproofing systems with modern green roof technology and design. Customized to meet your building requirements, CETCO will work with you to develop a green roof solution that is specific to you, taking into account aesthetic, functional and structural requirements. CETCO offers a variety of systems, components and accessories that can create a solution for any scenario. Whether it’s a low maintenance extensive assembly, a more comprehensive intensive assembly or a high-slope condition, CETCO GREENSCAPES® offers our customers unique green roof solutions—from the plants to the waterproofing—all from a single source.

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Extensive green roof:
Lightweight and drought tolerant, extensive GREENSCAPES Green Roof designs are low maintenance with no irrigation required in most climates. This shallow growing media option is typically used to mitigate the effects of the urban heat island phenomenon and reduce storm water runoff.

Intensive green roof:
GREENSCAPES Green Roof designs have increased growing media depths and therefore look more like traditional roof gardens since they can host a wider variety of plants. They are designed to be accessible for recreational use as well as add green space for visual pleasure. Hardscape elements such as pavers, benches and water features can also be integrated.


Backed by the industry-leading quality assurance program.

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