GEOVENT Venting System

Improved Efficiency for Reduced Installation Costs 

Venting systems are typically installed in conjunction with a vapor barrier when volatile or explosive gases are present. GEOVENT is a low-profile pressure relief, trenchless collection and venting system designed to improve venting efficiency and reduce installation costs. GEOVENT has several advantages over trenched installations and can be used as an “active” or “passive” venting system depending on the specific project. Used in conjunction with LIQUID BOOT® vapor barrier, GEOVENT can alleviate the accumulation of gas vapors under the slab. 



Advantages of GEOVENT

  • Installed directly on subgrade eliminating costly trenching and potential interference or damage to existing underground utilities
  • Placed in closer proximity to the vapor barrier allowing for more effective venting of any accumulated vapor
  • Greater opening area per lineal foot of pipe and integral filter fabric allowing for higher ventilation efficiency
  • Installed at a higher elevation reducing susceptibility to inundation from perched groundwater that may accumulate beneath the building foundation
  • Flow characteristics meet or exceed that of a typical trenched installation. the overall capacity of the system is far in excess of typical gas flux rates


How it works

GEOVENT is a 3-dimensional vent core that is wrapped in a non-woven, needlepunched filter fabric and is used with GEOVENT end outlets, GEOVENT reducers, and pipework components to form part of a passive and active sub-slab venting system.


GEOVENT can be installed directly onto the subgrade to eliminate trenching and potential interference or damage to existing underground utilities.


GEOVENT1 ft x 165 ft roll
GEOVENT End OutletGEOVENT - 100 mm pipe conversion
GEOVENT Reducer100 mm pipe - 50 mm pipe conversion
Fabric TapeHard cast fiber reinforced tape

Design Considerations


Venting systems should be properly designed to adequately relieve pressure and reduce gas concentrations from beneath the structure. CETCO can provide assistance with GEOVENT layouts and design grids as well as detail drawings for these types of systems.


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