Your Advantage for Sub-aqueous Sediment Treatment

Reliable and adaptable REACTIVE CORE MAT gives you the versatility for underwater containment mitigation when shallows and slopes rule out the use of other sediment treatments.


It goes where you need it.



Treats sediment where other products can't

CETCO REACTIVE CORE MAT helps you place reactive materials underwater to treat contaminated sediment. By encapsulating active materials in geotextiles, it gives you the advantage of control over the adsorptive materials: Rather than spreading loose material—which can just slide off on sloped surfaces or raise a bottom surface and reduce navigable depth—REACTIVE CORE MAT is laid out in sheets that not only provide uniform coverage, but are more stable and more resistant to bio-intrusion. What’s more, as it’s applied in far thinner layers to achieve the same quality of contaminant mitigation, it saves your budget as well.



In situ sediment treatment

Deployed as an active in situ treatment layer directly over contaminated sediment, REACTIVE CORE MAT can be deployed instead of - or in combination with - dredging. Depending on site conditions, traditional sand caps may prove unfeasible, or result in an excessively thick design. CETCO sediment capping technologies address concerns about navigation, placement, bio-intrusion, and flow patterns. Active cap designs incorporate active or adsorptive media to capture or treat the contaminants and result in a reduced thickness of the cap design.


  • Mitigates dissolved contaminant transport into surface water
  • Reduces require cap thickness through its adsorptive capacity, increasing navigable depth when compared to traditional in situ capping methods
  • Geosynthetic composite stabilizes sediments
  • Minimizes re-suspension of contaminants
  • Ensures verifiable coverage of sediments with a defined mass per area of reactive material



Embankment seepage control

On waterway embankments, REACTIVE CORE MAT controls subsurface contaminants, decreasing threats to wildlife and aquatic ecosystems. Combining a non-woven geotextile with a reinforced composite system, placement of reactive materials on slopes is more achievable as well as:

  • Reduces contaminant transport into ground and surface waters
  • Ensures mass-per-area coverage of reactive material
  • Resists differential settlement and erosion


How it works

REACTIVE CORE MAT is a patented permeable composite mat that encapsulates active material(s) between two layers of adhered, non-woven carrier geotextiles. The high hydraulic conductivity of the textile allows water to pass through the active material to remove the contaminant while its tensile strength resists differential settlement—all while physically isolating contaminated sediments from the environment of the reestablished benthic zone.


REACTIVE CORE MAT is versatile and 100% customizable. CETCO has the capability of manufacturing REACTIVE CORE MAT with a variety of reactive core materials. 

Suggested MaterialsReactive Description
ORGANOCLAYORGANOCLAY adsorbs low-soluble organics and associated metals (PAHs, PCBs, methyl mercury). Specialty versions are also available to sequester all forms of mercury and arsenic.
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)Commonly used wastewater treatment media that adsorbs organics
ApatitePhosphate-based mineral that complexes heavy metals

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    The ORGANOCLAY product line is a range of proprietary adsorption media that is highly effective in removing oils, greases and other high molecular weight, low solubility organic compounds from aqueous streams that can be used within a CETCO REACTIVE CORE MAT.

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    APATITE adsorbs and sequesters certain metals from water and can be used within a CETCO REACTIVE CORE MAT.




    BENTOBLOCK is natural sodium bentonite screened to 3/8 inch (0.95 cm) to 3/4 inch (1.90 cm) in size. BENTOBLOCK is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water and can be used within a CETCO REACTIVE CORE MAT.

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