Organic adsorption media for environmental remediation applications

The Organoclay product line is a range of proprietary adsorption media that is highly effective in removing oils, greases and other high molecular weight, low solubility organic compounds from aqueous streams. Organoclay products are specialty sorbents, altered to an organophilic state making them attractive to organic molecules.





    Enhancing sediment capping and treatment applications

    CETCO ORGANOCLAY products can prevent organic contaminant transport into waterways when used in sediment remediation applications. Their adsorptive capacity reduces the required cap thickness compared to in-situ sand caps. The product’s adsorptive capability provides a sub-aqueous chemical isolation of contaminated sediment mitigating organic contaminant transport into the waterway. ORGANOCLAY products have a high capacity for low-soluble organic compounds such as NAPL, PAHs or PCBs allowing for extended cap design life and reduced overall costs.

    Treating groundwater: extending the life of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

    CETCO ORGANOCLAY products can be used as flow-through media for treating groundwater and leachate. They can be used in fixed bed vessels, disposable cartridges or in-situ in permeable reactive barrier applications. Organoclay products can be used as a pre-treatment to GAC filtration to increase overall efficiency by preventing surface pores in the GAC from blinding caused by oils, greases and other less water soluble organics.


    Featured Products




    • Aids in settling through the water column when placing bulk active in situ sediment cap.
    • Provides better match particle size of coarse inert soil for better intermixing in use of Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB).
    • Applications: Bulk Sediment Capping; Permeable Reactive Barrier.



    • Larger and denser variation of ORGANOCLAY PM-200 to aid in settling through water column.
    • Application: Sediment Capping




    • Filtration media used in series prior to activated carbon vessel, it extends life and adsorbency of activated carbon by removal of larger molecular organics that can cause fouling.
    • Operated in standalone mode for treatment of oil contaminated waters or steam condensations.
    • High adsorption capacity of oils, greases, and other NAPL.
    • Applications: Organophilic Filtration Media; Bulk Sediment Capping; Solidification/Stabilization additive.




    • For use in soil or sediment solidification/stabilization as an additive to Portland Cement.
    • Helps stabilize organics for increased solidification of treated soils and sediment.
    • Medium adsorption capacity of oils, greases, and other NAPL.
    • Applications: In Situ Solidification


    ORGANOCLAY MRM is a sulfur-impregnated organophilic clay granular filtration media that adsorbs non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL) and dissolved low-solubility organics. It also sequesters mercury and arsenic from water.



    ORGANOCLAY F is a proprietary granular filtration media that reliably absorbs oils and similar organics from water. It is a brown and black mixture of 30% active ORGANOCLAY and 70% anthracite filter media, which allows for maximum utilization of the large sorption capacity of ORGANOCLAY without excessive pressure build-up in the column.