CETCO Filtration Media

Extremely Effective & Economical

High surface areas allow our filtration media to absorb up to 50% of their weight in oil and grease. Not only are they extremely effective, but they're a cost-effective choice.




A blend of chemically modified organophillic clay and anthracite filtration media, PM-100 is designed to adsorb oil and similar organics from water. When used as a pre-treatment, it extends the life and adsorbency of activated carbon by removing high molecular weight organics that would otherwise blind the pores of carbon.


PM-100TM Z


PM-100 Z is a proprietary granular filtration media the adsorbs oil, similar organics, and metals from water. PM-100 Z contains active sorbent and minerals allowing superior water flow and excellent adsorption kinetics.




PM-199 is a proprietary, organophillic granular filtration media that adsorbs oil and similar organics from water. It is comprised of 100% active sorbent.


Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)


GAC is made from selected grades of bituminous coal. This product is specifically designed for liquid phase applications where high surface area is needed for maximum adsorption.


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