FLUORO-SORB® Adsorbent   

Removing PFAS Economically and Effectively

CETCO is tackling PFAS. FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent is a proprietary, NSF-certified product designed to globally support remediation efforts surrounding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Vetted by leading research universities, FLUORO-SORB adsorbent is proven to be effective and economical. 


Unlike other sorbent products that are selective and unpredictable in adsorbing PFAS, FLUORO-SORB adsorbent binds the entire spectrum of PFAS (including PFOA, PFOS, PFHxS and PFNA) without being affected by co-contaminants in the waste stream, including BTEX, TCE, Hydrocarbons (diesel), Natural Organic Matter, salinity, and pH. 


FLUORO-SORB Deployment Strategies v2 small

As FLUORO-SORB adsorbent platelets begin to adsorb PFAS, the platelets expand which allows for greater sorption kinetics and capacity, which makes it significantly more adsorptive. 

Versatile Deployment Strategies

FLUORO-SORB adsorbent can easily fit into your existing remediation efforts. Its versatility in deployment allows it to be used in the following: 

  • Flow-through filtration media for drinking and/or groundwater with an Empty Bed Contact Time (EBCT) as low as three minutes. It can be used on its own or as pre- or post-treatment in connection with your existing water treatment trains. By incorporating FLUORO-SORB adsorbent, you can significantly extend the life of your pump & treat media and reduce the number of changeouts required for a positive impact on your operational costs and lower disposal costs for spent media.
  • Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) for groundwater and source control. 
  • In-Situ Stabilization and Solidification (ISS) for groundwater and source control. 
  • Sediment cap by utilizing FLUORO-SORB adsorbent within a CETCO REACTIVE CORE MAT® composite geotextile mat for soil/sediment remediation. 



FLUORO-SORB adsorbent is commercially available today. Manufactured in our ISO9001:2015 certified production facility in the United States, FLUORO-SORB adsorbent has been vetted by leading research universities as well as numerous field pilot studies to be a highly effective treatment media. All FLUORO-SORB adsorbent products meet NSF/ANSI 61 certification.


We encourage you to run your own trials on FLUORO-SORB adsorbent. We will provide you with: 

  • Free samples
  • Testing program and data review input
  • Sampling and shipping instructions
  • Complete isotherm testing program
  • Slipstream column testing unit


Four Variations Available

Fluoro-Sorb Variations crop

FLUORO-SORB adsorbent is available in a variety of grain sizes and blends to maximize efficiency on each project.

  • FLUORO-SORB 100: In-Situ Solidification & Stabilization (ISS)
  • FLUORO-SORB 200: Pump & Treat, Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB)
  • FLUORO-SORB 300: High Organics Wastewater Treatment
  • FLUORO-SORB 400: Pump & Treat, Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB)

Available in 1500lb (680.4 kg) supersacks. 




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