A Mechanical Option for Concrete Installations

The REVO-FIX profiled expanded metal mesh strip is an alternative solution to CETCO CETSEAL when securing WATERSTOP-RX® and WATERSTOP-XP to cast-in-place concrete surfaces.


It provides you options.


When your project requires an alternative

An alternative to our CETSEAL adhesive, REVO-FIX metal strip mechanically secures WATERSTOP-RX and WATERSTOP-XP to cast-in-place concrete joint surfaces.


How it does it

REVO-FIX is a profiled expanded metal mesh strip. On a prepared concrete surface, simply apply and nail into place, per the installation instructions.



The right size for your application

REVO-FIX is available in two sizes:

  • REVO-FIX 101, for securing WATERSTOP-RX® 101
    (25 mm x 1.0 m; 30 No 1.0 m strips plus REVO-FIX Fixings per box)
  • REVO-FIX 103, for securing WATERSTOP-RX® 103 and WATERSTOP-XP
    (15 mm x 1.0 m; 48 No 1.0 m strips plus REVO-FIX Fixings per box)

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