The CXJ Series:

CXJ-200 and CXJ-400

Dual-Cell Center Gland Expansion Joint


The CXJ-200/CXJ-400 expansion joint system consists of an extruded, thermoplastic, dual gland expansion joint seals with integrated side flanges that are used to waterproof structural concrete expansion joints for positive-side below grade foundation walls and under structural slabs. The CXJ-200/CXJ-400 expansion joint system can be integrated with CETCO’s waterproofing systems to create a true single source waterproofing system.

Movement at the joint is accommodated by the geometric shape of the double-cell, center gland configuration with two material layers to form the system. The center gland geometric shape is purpose-designed for low strain during movement, for optimal performance.


The unique double flange design of the CXJ-200/CXJ-400 facilitates multi-layered, watertight
integration with the waterproofing system. A termination bar and anchors are installed on both sides of the center gland to mechanically secure both inside flanges of the CXJ-200/CXJ-400 to the concrete.


Structural concrete expansion joints in below-grade foundations, including:

  • Backfilled walls
  • Under slabs
  • Blind-side shoring wall applications, such as soldier pile and lagging

Can be used for both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions



  • High movement capability
  • Dual-cell center gland provides redundant sealing
  • Integrated dual side flanges provide integration with waterproofing membrane
  • Factory-fabricated transition and termination components
  • Heat welded seams for watertight connections


    Available in two sizes:



    • Ideally installed in a 2” (50mm) expansion joint gap
    • Can be installed in a 2”-3” (50mm-75mm) field gap joint +/- 1.25" (31 mm) movement capability


    • Ideally installed in a 4” (100mm) expansion joint gap
    • Can be installed in 3”-5” (75mm-125mm) field gap joint +/- 2.5" (62 mm) movement capability

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