CXJ Dual-Cell Center Gland Expansion Joints

An Innovation in Waterproofing Joints

The unique and innovative design of CXJ expansion joints stops water infiltration in concrete construction joints.


They give you the edge in waterproofing.



Watertight integration

Featuring extruded, thermoplastic dual gland expansion joint seals, the innovation of the CXJ expansion joint’s unique double-flange construction helps create multi-layered, watertight integration within a concrete waterproofing system.


CXJ expansion joints can help prevent water penetration for positive-side below-grade concrete foundational structures, including:

  • Backfilled walls
  • Structural slabs
  • Blind-side shoring wall applications, such as soldier pile and lagging


Working for structures under continuous or intermittent hydrostatic pressure, CXJ expansion joints substantially reduce the possibility for leaks.


How it does it

CXJ expansion joints consist of extruded thermoplastic, dual-gland expansion joint seals with integrated side flanges. The specialized geometric design of the center gland optimizes performance and reduces strain during movement. Even more, the unique double flange element provides for a multi-layered, water barrier. Along with factory-fabricated transition and termination components, these advantages combine to provide:

  • Watertight connections
  • High movement capability
  • Redundant sealing
  • Integration with waterproofing membrane

The right size for your application

CXJ expansion joints are available in two sizes:

  • CXJ-200, ideally installed in a 2” (50mm) expansion joint gap and can be installed in a 2”–3” (50mm–75mm) field gap joint +/- 1.25" (31 mm) movement capability.
  • CXJ-400, ideally installed in a 4” (100mm) expansion joint gap and can be installed in 3” –5” (75mm–125mm) field gap joint +/- 2.5" (62 mm) movement capability.


Termination pieces are also available for both the CXJ-200 and CXJ-400 sizes:

  • Boot Termination
  • Welded End Cap
  • Inside 90 Degree Corner
  • Outside 90 Degree Corner
  • Horizontal 90 Degree Corner

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