Single Component Caulk Grade Swelling Waterstop


AKWASWELL is a caulk grade, single component swelling paste used to stop water infiltration through concrete construction joints. It is a specially formulated polyurethane-based material with a hydrophilic agent dispersed evenly throughout the paste. AKWASWELL is installed with a standard caulk gun and self adheres to dry concrete surfaces; no mechanical fastening or adhesives required.

The key to AKWASWELL’s effectiveness is its 200% swelling capacity when wetted and its plasticity to contour the surrounding surface. This swelling action creates a positive seal against the concrete in construction joints and stops the flow of water through the joint. AKWASWELL has been successfully tested to 115 feet (35 m) of hydrostatic pressure when properly installed in concrete joints.



  • Rough concrete surfaces
  • Irregular penetration surfaces
  • Horizontal & vertical poured-in-place concrete joints
  • New to existing concrete pours
  • Around penetrations
  • Concrete repair joints

AKWASWELL is not an expansion joint material.