Hydrophilic Rubber Concrete Joint Waterstop

AKWASTOP is a hydrophilic rubber waterstop that stops water infiltration through cast-in-place concrete construction joints subjected to continuous or intermittent hydrostatic pressure. AKWASTOP effectively stops moisture infiltration by expanding upon contact with water to form a positive seal against the concrete.


The key to AKWASTOP’s effectiveness is its swelling capacity and plasticity to contour the surrounding surface. The hydrophilic agent is distributed throughout the product’s acrylate polymer matrix to provide consistent sealing performance throughout the  entire installation. AKWASTOP’s exceptional plasticity allows the product to fill voids and cracks in the concrete immediately around it. 


AKWASTOP is designed to replace passive PVC dumbbell waterstops, thereby eliminating the requirement of split-forming and field seam welding. AKWASTOP has been successfully tested to withstand 231 feet (70 m) of hydrostatic water pressure.


AKWASTOP is manufactured in lightweight, flexible coils that are easily installed by a single worker. The product is adhered to concrete, steel, and PVC (pipes) with CETSEAL. Coil ends are butted together – not overlapped – to form a continuous waterstop. AKWASTOP has excellent chemical resistance to hydrocarbons, salts, and many organic acids and bases. 


Product Advantages

  • Engineered volumetric swell
  • Retains cohesive strength at expanded volume
  • Reproducible swell after wet-dry cycling
  • Contains no sodium bentonite