Waterproofing Technology Designed Specifically for Tunnel Projects

With T-SERIES waterproofing technology, you get not just our ultimate waterproofing technology for tunnels, but also our expertise and deep understanding of successful tunnel waterproofing.


You can depend on our experience.


Comprehensive Tunnel Waterproofing Solution

Designed for optimum waterproofing in bored rock tunnels and associated stations and shafts, T-SERIES combines two kinds of barriers—passive and active—to substantially reduce the possibility for leaks. Using a traditional passive barrier to block water, the active volcanic bentonite component of its core absorbs up to 15x its volume in water, expanding to seal cracks using the very pressure of the water itself to fill and block any gaps.


Standard Installation Process

Easy to install even in cold weather, simply secure the T-SERIES membrane in position following the standard CETCO installation guidelines. Simply perform field seaming using conventional welding equipment to fuse the PVC-P membrane—no special apparatus, tools, supplies, or training required.


Durable and Fire Resistant

T-SERIES is extremely durable. It’s resistant to root penetration and micro-organisms, and it’s self-sealing—there’s no worries about the inevitable cuts and punctures that always occur on construction sites. What’s more, T-SERIES is fire retardant, with component materials that self-extinguish to prevent the spread of flames when most other water barrier products burn and fall apart.


How It Does It

T-SERIES features a dual color (black bottom layer and yellow signal top layer), non-reinforced PVC-P thermoplastic waterproofing membrane that’s layered around an Active Polymer Core (APC). Employing the mineral bentonite, the core is designed to activate with water and swell to form a positive seal. The APC layer reacts at the breach of any puncture or defect to self-seal and prevent water ingress—T‑SERIES is the only welded thermoplastic membrane composite tunnel product with this reactive, self-sealing feature.


Designed to meet the needs of various tunnel project environments, the T-SERIES product range includes:

  • T80NR - for tunnel waterproofing using an APC core within a 2.0 mm (80 mil) thick non-reinforced PVC-P thermoplastic membrane
  • T100NR - for tunnel waterproofing using an APC core within a 2.5 mm (100 mil) thick non-reinforced PVC-P thermoplastic membrane
  • T100NR-E - for tunnel waterproofing, as well as additional protection against natural aggressive mediums (such as clay, sand, lime, and humus) in ground water and soil, using an APC core within a 2.5 mm (100 mil) thick non-reinforced PVC-P thermoplastic membrane

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CETCO is the leader and pioneer in cutting-edge waterproofing membranes. Around the globe, our innovative teams of clay mineralogists, chemists, and polymer scientists transform ordinary minerals into extraordinary technology to solve day-to-day problems worldwide.

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