HYDROFIX 100% Solids, Fluid-Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Ideal for Difficult Installations

Designed for easy installation, HYDROFIX is your cold application waterproofing system for difficult areas.


It’s the cool solution.


No heat? No problem.

For new and restoration construction, HYDROFIX is the cold fluid-applied, single-component solution. Its modified elastomeric polymer cures to form a flexible, monolithic, waterproofing membrane without any need to heat for application—simply apply to any prepared surface with a trowel, roller or long-handle notched squeegee.

For structural concrete, masonry, and wood surfaces, HYDROFIX provides a waterproofing barrier on both vertical and horizontal surfaces such as:


  • Foundation walls
  • Tunnels
  • Earth sheltered structures
  • Above- and below-grade split-slab construction, including balconies and parking decks


  • Mechanical rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laboratories

HYDROFIX forms a tenacious bond to concrete substrates, preventing lateral water migration. Moisture-reactive and non-gassing, it provides an excellent barrier not only against water ingress, but vapor transmission as well.


Two systems for waterproofing performance

HYDROFIX can be applied in either of two system types:

  • Standard System - a single application coat of HYDROFIX used for general, non-hydrostatic waterproofing
  • High Performance Reinforced System - two application coats of HYDROFIX surrounding a reinforcing layer of STRATA-BOND 100 polyester fabric, used for hydrostatic below grade waterproofing or critical roofing applications

How it does it

HYDROFIX is a 100%-solids, solvent-free, cold fluid-applied, single-component, moisture reacted, modified elastomeric polymer. The Standard System application forms a 1.5 mm (60-mil) dry thickness, while the High Performance Reinforced System application forms a 2.8 mm (110-mil) dry film thickness when fully installed using STRATABOND 100.


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