BENTOGROUT® Remedial Waterproofing Injection Grout

When in Doubt, BENTOGROUT!

BENTOGROUT is a high-solids grout consisting of a proprietary blend of bentonite and polymers formulated for sealing water leaks in existing below-grade structures.


It's fast. It's easy. It works. 



Easy and reliable

For waterproofing of new or existing structures, BENTOGROUT is your fast and easy solution—simply pump BENTOGROUT adjacent to the structure’s exterior, and Its unique blend of bentonite and polymers expands to form a barrier across the structure’s surface, sealing small cracks in the concrete while filling voids in the adjacent soil. Applications for BENTOGROUT include:

  • Foundation walls
  • Underslab
  • Tunnels
  • Manholes
  • Sheet piling interlocks
  • Utility vaults
  • New construction (atypical conditions)

Durable, self-sealing, and good for the planet

Even as the structure settles, BENTOGROUT’s bentonite component maintains its ability to flex, absorb water, and self-seal, expanding to seal cracks and block any gaps. What’s more, a BENTOGROUT barrier doesn’t shrink or dry out, and typical freeze/thaw cycling has no effect on its performance.


And since BENTOGROUT consists primarily of the naturally-occurring volcanic mineral bentonite, it will not only last as long as the structure it’s protecting, but it’s also environmentally-friendly.


Easy installation that's easy on your budget

BENTOGROUT can be installed without excavation of any kind, making it an economical choice for areas with limited access. Simply pump it adjacent to the exterior of the structure—no excavation required—or pump it from within the interior of the structure, through holes drilled in the wall or slab.


Easy to install even in cold or inclement weather and with cleanup as simple as rinsing with water, BENTOGROUT saves you money in time and installation, especially in remedial waterproofing projects.



How it does it

BENTOGROUT is a high-solids grout consisting of a proprietary blend of bentonite and polymers formulated for sealing against water.


CETCO - Pioneer and leader in waterproofing

CETCO is the leader and pioneer in cutting-edge waterproofing solutions. Around the globe, our innovative teams of clay mineralogists, chemists, and polymer scientists transform ordinary minerals into extraordinary technology to solve day-to-day problems worldwide.





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