Our Delivery Systems

HBS provides liquid retinol ingredients for cosmetic anti-aging formulations and advanced delivery system technologies for sustained-release of retinoid and other actives in cosmetic, OTC and prescription formulations. These technologies are clinically proven to reduce irritation while maintaining efficacy.

Microsponge® N

Microsponge® N is a Natural, cellulose-based delivery system that leverages the proven technology of the original Microsponge® with the use of natural microparticles to deliver on consumer demands for an effective, yet green skin care experience.

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RetinEZ™ is our latest innovation, a sustained-release delivery system that provides the anti-aging benefits of retinol, simplifies the formulation/manufacturing process, and optimizes retinol stability. RetinEZ™ allows skincare formulations to be manufactured without an inert atmosphere or yellow lighting and protects the retinol from oxidation/degradation. RetinEZ™ is based on the Microsponge® Natural delivery system that reduces irritation and is BHA, BHT and microplastics free.

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Microsponge® is a recognized delivery system brand in the pharmaceutical industry that is now available for cosmetic applications. Microsponge® products are free-flowing powders that can be readily dispersed in gels, emulsions, and powders.

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Polypore®, Polytrap® and Luxomatte™

Polypore®, Polytrap® and Luxomatte™ are proprietary delivery systems and adsorbents with multiple applications in skin care formulations including oil adsorption and sebum control.

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Liquid Retinoids

Liquid Retinoids are now offered to support your cosmetic formulation needs. The products are formulated with antioxidants that protect the active retinoids without using butylated hydroxytoluene (BHA) to avoid the requirement for a California Proposition 65 warning label on products that contain BHA.

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