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We create the technologies & ingredients our customers need to grow their business.

Health & Beauty Solutions (HBS) delivers proprietary technologies that enhance the skincare performance of customers’ products. The technologies enable our customers to make compelling product claims, improve esthetics, and help deliver superior product benefits and performance. Many of the technologies and finished products are backed by clinical studies allowing for product claims and support for the customers’ marketing story.

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Ingredients for making health and beauty products
Retinoids & Microsponge® Delivery Systems

Enhance anti-aging formulations with sustained-release retinoids using the market-proven Microsponge®, Polytrap®, and Poly-Pore® delivery systems. Additional products include liquid retinols and other active ingredients. Learn how HBS technologies and ingredients can improve the efficacy of formulations while boosting the customer experience.

Clay based beauty product
Clay-based Rheology Modifiers

HBS natural mineral ingredients provide improved feel and provide viscosity control in cosmetic formulations. The Polargel®, Magnabrite® and Volclay® products enhance other viscosifers in formulations and can also absorb skin oils and other impurities to provide benefits to the skin.

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Turnkey Solutions

Learn how we can help with the development of innovative cosmetic and OTC skin care products. Our capabilities include R&D formulation support, product & packaging development, brand and graphics development, and contract manufacturing.

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Formulating with Retinol just got a little easier.

RetinEZ™ is a sustained-release retinol delivery system that simplifies the formulation/manufacture of skin care products. RetinEZ™ allows anti-aging formulations to be manufactured without an inert atmosphere or yellow lighting to protect the retinol from oxidation/degradation.

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