Our Clay-based Rheology Modifiers

These natural clay-based products are used as emulsion stabilizers, suspending agents and viscosity modifiers. They are supplied as dispersible flakes or powders that form colloidal dispersions in water. HBS controls the production of these clay-based mineral ingredients from mine to market.


Magnabrite® products are Magnesium Aluminum Silicates that are a highly purified, selected blend of white smectite clays supplied as small flakes to ease dispersion. They can be used as a stabilizing and suspending agent cosmetic, toiletry, and pharmaceutical formulations.

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Polargel® and Volclay®

Polargel® and Volclay® are specially processed bentonites, (water washed or air classified) that work as viscosifiers, suspending agents, binders and emulsion stabilizers for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Specialty clay products are also available to absorb toxins and skin oils in cosmetic mask applications and to boost the SPF of sunscreen formulations.

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