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New York-based Minerals Technologies Inc. (MTI) is a leading, technology-driven specialty minerals company that develops, produces, and markets a broad range of mineral and mineral-based products, related systems and services. MTI serves a wide range of consumer and industrial markets, including household and personal care, paper, foundry, steel, construction and environmental solutions around the world. The company reported global sales of $2.1 billion in 2022.

MTI focuses on two major segments – Consumer & Specialties and Engineered Solutions.




Our Consumer & Specialties segment offers technologically enhanced products to consumer-driven end markets plus specialty additives that become functional components in a variety of consumer and industrial goods. This segment includes our Household & Personal Care and Specialty Additives product lines. The Household & Personal Care product line provides mineral-to-market products that serve consumer-oriented end markets including Pet Care, Personal Care, Fabric Care, Edible Oil, and Renewable Fuel Purification. Our Specialty Additives product line provides mineral-based technologies serving Paper, Packaging, Sealants & Adhesives, Paint & Coatings, Ceramics, Plastics, Food & Pharmaceutical markets.



Our Engineered Solutions segment offers advanced process technologies and solutions that are designed to improve our customers’ manufacturing processes and projects. This segment includes our High-Temperature Technologies and Environmental & Infrastructure product lines. Our High-Temperature Technologies product line offers specially-formulated blends and technologies primarily for Foundry and Steelmaking industries. Our Environmental & Infrastructure product line provides waterproofing, water purification, remediation and other fluid management technologies for critical projects for Remediation, Water Purification, and Infrastructure.