Fabric Care

Formulating active components into agglomerated products for the laundry and fabric care industry for over 40 years.

sophisticated solutions for improved functionality.

We develop quality granular additives and related products to some of the world’s leading fabric and home care detergent manufacturers. Decades ago, we began with supplying softening bentonite powder and have since evolved to offer a sophisticated product portfolio that delivers improved performance and formulation flexibility with surfactants, builders, and aesthetic components.


Surfactant Granules

Anionic and non-ionic granules that offer excellent flow properties, dispersion and solubility, reducing liquid loading requirements on base formulation, allowing incorporation of high liquid content, and simplifying the production process by eliminating time spent on spraying and cleanout.

Aesthetic Additives

Wide range of color and perfume granules that enhance the appearance and appeal of laundry powder. Available in different substrates and formats, these granules are easy to handle and won’t spot on fabrics, thanks to our spraying technology.

Fabric Softeners

Our proprietary bentonite-based fabric softeners that provide damage protection from fiber breakage as well as improved fabric suppleness, and more, resulting in the best softening-through-the-wash benefits for liquid and powder detergents.

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Fabric Whitener.


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Fabric Whitener

We offer Violet Aesthetic agglomerate for fabric whitening in powder and unit dose detergents. Our innovations allow for reduced formulation costs by eliminating the need to include bleach and reducing the need other brightening additives.

Powder Detergent
Builder Granules

We offer full and partial phosphate replacement, providing significant cost savings for customers. With our pre-tower technology, granulars go into the powder before spraying, to maintain finished product size and density.

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Our Effective Products. Your Smart solutions.

Sophisticated innovations that begin with our unique mineral reserves deliver peace of mind in the heart of your home. Contact us to learn more about our solutions in Fabric and Home Care.

Partners in your success.

From engineering performance- or aesthetic-enhancing ingredients, to getting in the lab with you to help optimize product formulations, we have so much to offer to help ensure your success. 

Formulation Experts.

Our technical team specializes in optimizing existing detergent formulas to improve performance and even lower costs. We provide on-site consulting, analytical services, and also structure for new product benefit claims. There are so many ways we partner with you for your success.

Small Scale Testing.

Through batch sampling our product development team tests formulae on small-scale operations in order to validate performance prior to full-scale production. This process not only aids in the development of products but also reduces full-scale trial production costs.