Edible Oil and Fluid Clarification.

Our bleaching earth and natural clay products help clarify all kinds of oils, wines, and juices, helping to ensure the highest quality of some of the world's most beloved consumer products.

Edible Oil Purification.

Born of research and engineered to benefit our customers, our RAFINOL™ bleaching earth products are effective solutions that may also help lower production costs. RAFINOL bleaching earth products purify oils and fats that are commonly used consumer products and are even effective on hard-to-bleach oils.

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Olive oil and spoon.
White wine being poured into glass.

Wine and Juice clarification.

Originating from our unique mineral reserves, our Volclay KWK® sodium bentonite products are renowned for their purity and have built a reputation as among the most trusted ingredients in the world for purification.

KWK® Food Grade and Krystal Klear premium sodium bentonite is used extensively for the clarification of organic liquids by absorbing heat-sensitive proteins and other impurities, and are particularly useful in preventing cloudiness. KWK Food Grade and KWK® Krystal Klear are used in fining of wines, juices, ciders, and vinegars for the removal of suspended solids.


Higher Purification. Lower Costs.

Our proprietary RAFINOL™ bleaching earth product portfolio offers tailored solutions to serve the gamut of oil purifying needs. For edible oil processes and feedstocks, which require increased surface area, we have acid-activated bleaching clays to purify a wide range of containments. For hard to bleach oils, we provide innovative, next generation, thermally-activated technologies.

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