Agriculture & Animal Health

Mineral- and humic acid-based agricultural products and solutions to help improve animal and plant health and crop yield.

The World's Premier Minerals-based Products for Agricultural and Animal Health Applications.

It all begins with our unique mineral reserves in key locations. Starting with the highest quality ingredients, we develop products and solutions that help enhance animal feed, absorb mycotoxins to support animal health, and increase the bioavailability of nutrients from soil. Discover our technologies & solutions.

Biostimulants, Soil Additives & Seed Coatings.

Our minerals-based products are widely used in agricultural, horticultural, and turf applications to help ensure the health of crops and the earth itself. Our portfolio of solutions help increase nutrient uptake from soil, improving plant health and crop quality and yield.

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Animal Health.

Our global portfolio of Animal Health products starts with our proprietary mineral technology and is scientifically formulated to promote optimal health and nutrient absorption. From feed supplements that enhance digestive health to pelletizing aids, to aiding the absorption of mycotoxins, discover why we’re a leader in mineral-based animal health products.

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The Science of Good Plant and Animal Health.

The world's highest quality ingredients, engineered to give back to the earth. Discover our products in Agricultural and Animal Health applications.

Agricultural Products.

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AGRO-LIG® is a naturally occurring humic acid soil amendment product used to improve soil characteristics, soil structure, and organic content. It is especially effective in soils with low fertility, low organic matter, high alkalinity and high salinity. AGRO-LIG can be easily incorporated in the soil and can be used in conjunction with ENERSOL®.

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ENERSOL® is a suspension concentrate with essential nutrients to promote plant growth and lower pH to improve tank mix compatibility and improved foliar uptake. The active ingredients, humic, fulvic and ulmic acids, act as natural chelating agents that improve soil’s ability to provide essential nutrients and improve the plant’s overall health.

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VOLCLAY® clay-based products serve as flow control agents in agricultural and horticultural products. For seed coatings, they absorb moisture to promote germination. When used as a soil conditioner, they absorb liquid active herbicides and pesticides onto their surfaces that help to control dispersion rates, limit drift, and leach ability during application to cropland.

Animal Health Products.

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VOLCLAY® Product Line

Our natural, Wyoming, U.S. sodium bentonite products are used as a binder, flow agent, and rheological modifier in animal feed production.


PELBON® bentonite

PELBON® bentonite is a high purity calcium bentonite supplied as a powdered product used in a variety of animal feed applications.

Myco-toxin Binding Bentonite customized solutions

Myco-toxin Binding Bentonite (MBB) products are custom-formulated to target and bind specific toxins in animal feed. Our products are developed using mineral based materials developed for the needs of our customers.  Please note that mycotoxin binding claims vary as approved by different geographic regions.

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