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Minteq® is the global leader in designing and delivering advanced technological solutions for a multitude of industrial applications. Our relentless spirit of innovation and customer commitment sets us apart. From design, installation, to maintenance of customized solutions, we provide truly turnkey solutions that help our partners increase productivity, enhance yields, reduce downtime, and lower overall costs.

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Leading-edge monolithic and shaped refractory materials and specialty products, services, application and measurement.


Fast, accurate laser profile measurement technology for steelmaking operations

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Metallurgical Wire

Products and support providing enhanced castability and reduced calcium treatment costs.

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High-purity carbon-based products for rapid heat transport and spreading.

Automatic Robotic Gunning for the Electric Arc Furnace.

MINSCAN® LSC  real-time automated EAF refractory maintenance. Pairing our industry leading MINSCAN remote gunning applicator with our Ferrotron LaCam EAF lining measurement system, the MINSCAN LSC uses our state-of-the-art SCANTROL software to provide the steel maker with an EAF refractory tool that is unparalleled.

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Ferrotron Worker

Innovative Measurement Technology for the Steel Industry

Ferrotron was founded in 1974 with the goal of developing an immersion measurement probe in cooperation with German steel companies that could determine the activity of oxygen dissolved in molten steel. The result was the FOX™ probe now in its fifth generation.

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