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We work directly with foundries to provide customized green sand bond solutions uniquely formulated to each foundry's specific operation. Our high-quality, precisely prepared green sand additives are design to lower overall green sand system cost.

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Additrol® our signature solution, is a single-package, custom additive blend of western and/or southern bentonites and organic additives, such as carbonaceous products, cereals, and starches. Additrol formulations can accommodate all green sand metal casting facilities, regardless of molding equipment, production rate, metal type or casting configuration. Additrol is blended to meet the needs of both ferrous and non-ferrous casting applications.

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Volclay® Western (Sodium) Bentonite (DC-2)

Volclay® Western (Sodium) Bentonite (DC-2) is the world standard for high-quality, natural sodium bentonite. Volclay is used in all green sand molding applications, ranging from the production of iron and steel castings to the production of non-ferrous castings. Volclay provides quality castings with low casting losses, excellent finish, and good dimensional reproducibility at the lowest possible cost. Other benefits include versatility and ease of-control, increased dry strength of molding sand, excellent hot strength properties, and high durability. Volclay® also facilitates deep-draws and development of sharp, strong, mold edges.

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Panther Creek® Southern (Calcium) Bentonite (DC-6)

Panther Creek® Southern (Calcium) Bentonite (DC-6) is a non-swelling, calcium bentonite used in green sand molding. Panther Creek provides greater green compression strength than western bentonite, fireclay or other clay minerals. Panther Creek® also offers excellent shakeout, good rammability, excellent flowability, and low dry and hot compression strength."

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Premium Additives


Seacoal is the traditional carbonaceous additive for green sand molding. Only consistent, high quality metallurgical grades of bituminous coal are used as Seacoal.


Flo-Carb® is an organic, clean-burning carbonaceous material used to improve properties of green sand systems. Use of Flo-Carb, over other carbonaceous additives, results in improved green compression strengths, increased system sand flowability, and better shakeout

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Cellflo® is a cellulose product made from select kiln-dried hardwood. The ability of Cellflo to absorb and hold water slows drying of sand mixtures, helping to minimize brittle and lumpy mixtures and improves collapsibility at shakeout.

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Cereal is produced from corn by a dry-milling process. It reduces expansion type casting defects such as scabs, buckles, rattails and veins. Cereal burns out rapidly, minimizing hot tears and cracks. The chief limitations related to the use of cereal generally arise from excessive amounts in the sand. Some of the problems resulting from this limitation are; high moisture requirements, reduced flowability, gas related defects, burn-on, burn-in and metal penetration.

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