Fabric Care

Formulating active components into agglomerated products for the laundry care market for over 25 years.

Detergency Delivered
We have been supplying quality granular additives and related products to leading global detergent manufacturers for over 25 years. Our entry into the detergent market with softening bentonite powder has evolved to increase detergency in formulae with surfactants, builders and aesthetic components.


Formulation Experts
Our team of technical professionals provides on-site consulting and specializes in optimizing current detergent formulas for our partners. After analyzing formulas our team makes recommendations to help improve performance at a lower cost, and also provides structure for new product benefit claims.


Small Scale Testing
Through batch sampling our product development team tests formulae for customers on small-scale operations in order to validate performance prior to full-scale production. This process not only aids in the development of products but also reduces full-scale trial production costs.