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Humic Acid

Extensive evidence supports the fact that soil organic matter is a critical component of soil productivity and sustainable fertility by interaction with other soil components through a series of complex biochemical interactions controlled by living organisms. Humic substances, categorized as humic acid, fulvic acid and ulmic acids (humin) are important components of soil organic matter that are involved in nearly all biological and chemical interactions that occur in soils. Collectively referred to as Humic Acid, these substances increase the bioavailability of nutrients released from soil minerals through complex interactions among microbes, metals, organic matter and clays. Other soil organic matter constituents such as proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, lipids and lignin breakdown relatively quickly in soils. Humic Acids, produced from the biodegradation and chemical recombination of organic matter, are highly persistent in soil lasting for thousands or even millions of years once formed.

Since the 1960s experimental work has indicated that the addition of Agro-Lig to soil appears to increase soil particle aggregation and, consequently soil structure, resulting in increased aeration, tilth and workability. Experimentation has shown that better soil water movement can be realized by increasing capillary action and non-capillary water retention. The cation exchange capacity of soil has been shown to be markedly increased by application of Agro-Lig thus improving long term retention of applied fertilizer. Agro-Lig and Enersol promotes the availability and retention of key nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, iron and other macro and micronutrients thus improving plant nutrition and crop yields.

The Humic Acids in Agro-Lig and Enersol are particularly desirable in sandy soils or soil that is low in organic matter, degraded by overuse, subject to deleterious high salts content or otherwise of poor quality for crop growth. Repeated use of Agro-Lig or Enersol can improve poor soils such that crop yields, grazing quality or landscape vitality is improved year after year. Enersol has been also shown to increase germination and decrease the development time of plant seedlings when used as a seed treatment or applied in the greenhouse.