Specialized functional calcium carbonate additives for a wide variety of automotive manufacturing needs.

Transportation Adhesives & Sealant Applications.

Our Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) products are widely used to improve the performance of a range of components in automobiles and trucks. These applications include reinforced plastics, ceramics, and automotive sealants. 

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC).

Our Ultra-Pflex®, Thixo-Carb®, and Calofort® grades of ultrafine precipitated calcium carbonate act as functional additives in automotive sealant formulations for rheology control and reinforcement properties. Particle morphology, particle size and distribution, surface area and treatment can be designed to meet the needs of sealant formulators.

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Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC).

We also produce ground calcium carbonate (GCC) products that are useful in the transportation sealants industry. GCCs are used as cost-reducing fillers in almost all sealants and work effectively with PCC thixotropes. Finer GCC grades produce higher viscosity build while the coarser grades allow for higher loadings and the best economy. 

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Benefits of PCC.

PCC benefits the transportation industry as a cost-effective additive, both as a sole thixotropic or in combination with other additives. By itself, it serves as a rheological additive that builds a true thixotropic, shear-thinning structure in the polymer, improving yield value, sag, slump, and extrusion rates. Ultrafine PCCs reinforce the polymer, increase tensile strength and modulus while maintaining adhesion properties.

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