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SivoCat 12L Multiple Cat

When you have multiple cats, you need more performance, more power. SivoCat Multiple Cat provides maximum clumping skills and an improved odour control. Exactly what you need when you have more than one cat! SivoCat Multiple Cat is winched with acme carton. Activated carbon has such a specific molecular structure so even the most persistent odours of urine and excrements are looked in the filter of the carbon pores. The carbon is made 04 sustainable organic material, safe for you and your cat. SivoCat Multiple Cat is a premium cat litter with a fresh lavender scent. It is made of natural clay (bentonite) with an exceptional absorbance capacity. This ensures maximum hygiene. The large, semi-coarse, granules reduce the amount of litter from sticking to the fur and paws. This makes SivoCat Multiple Cat very suitable (or long-haired cats. Furthermore the product is almost dust free. There-fore, it Is particularly suitable for litter trays in kitchens, hallways or living rooms. And, last but rot least, it keeps your home fresh and clean when you (re-)fill the litter tray.
SivoCat 12L Multiple Cat

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