Fights ammonia, urine, and fecal odors
‍‍Extra-Strength Odor Control

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4x PROTECTION in one pURrfect cat litter
‍‍Makes Scooping a Breeze

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4x Protection

Specially formulated
to combat even the toughest odors

Simply Purrfect® Scoopable cat litter combines extra-strength odor control and maximum clumping power in one perfect cat litter! Specially formulated to combat even the toughest of ammonia, urine, and fecal odors, this ultra-absorbent, tight clumping cat litter makes scooping a breeze. It’s Simply Purrfect®.

  • Fights ammonia odors

    Eliminates ammonia odors on contact, leaving behind a fresh, clean fragrance.

  • Fights Fecal odors

    Powerful baking soda crystals work around-the-clock to neutralize fecal odors.

  • fights urine odors

    Provides instant odor control to destroy, and not simply mask, urine odors.

  • powerful clumping

    Hard clumps for quick and easy waste removal.


Simply Purrfect® is available at select Costco locations throughout the USA.
Check your local club!

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Simply Purrfect® is available at Costco locations throughout Canada.

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