Pet Care

Full-capabilities cat litter producer aligning with key partners to develop world-class products and brands.


Research & Development

Our innovation started in 1991 when we invented scoopable cat litter from sodium bentonite. Since then, we have grown to be one of the world’s largest suppliers of scoopable cat litter. To ensure that our customers are continually receiving the highest quality product we practice the following testing: head space, force gauge, drop test, particle size & shape in our labs and with 3rd parties.


Vertical Integration

With mines located in northeast Wyoming, we are the premier manufacturer of sodium bentonite clumping litter. We are the only company to mine, process, package and ship our product directly from the source, allowing us to offer the purest, highest quality product available at the best possible price.


Land Sustainability

We constantly strive to leave the land we mined in better shape than when we started. Upon finishing each strategic dig, we fill and reapply all original soils and seed with native perennials and grasses. We then closely monitor the lands to guarantee erosion control and successful revegetation. In some cases, we even create stock ponds to support vegetation and wildlife that may not have been present in the area otherwise.