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SivoCat Blue Signal 8L

SivoCat Blue Signal is a hygienic white, clumping cat litter with the Blue Signal system, for effective odor control and easier scoopability. SivoCat Blue Signal contains our patented “signal” crystals that turn blue after following contact with urine, so you can see the clumps before any odors can develop.

The signal crystals are made of compacted baking soda, a natural and effective deodorizer, combined with a soluble, food-grade blue dye and enriched with Aromaguard, a substance that prevents the growth of bacteria and is lightly perfumed for added odor prevention. After 72 hours, there is significantly less bacterial growth compared to ordinary cat litter. SivoCat Blue Signal stays fresh six times longer than ordinary cat litter, is dust free, and completely safe for cats and humans. 

SivoCat Blue Signal 8L

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