Our Company

Minerals Technologies Values



  • We place the health and safety of people ahead of all else.

  • We cultivate respect for individuals and for the diversity of cultures, beliefs, and perspectives.


  • We value honest, open and ongoing communications with our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the communities in which we do business.

  • We uphold the spirit and intent of the law and conduct our affairs ethically.
Our Values

Customer Focus

  • We foster relationships with our customers based on trust and mutual benefit.

  • We strive to enhance value to customers through improved product quality, customer service innovation.


  • We deliver profitable growth and higher returns for our shareholders.

  • We manage our operations, our capital, and our business opportunities in a sustainable manner.

  • We serve as good stewards of natural resources, and we employ sound environmental practices to protect the communities in which we operate.


  • We constantly seek new, innovative technologies and efficient business processes to remain a market leader.

  • We drive for success by focusing on continuous improvement in all facets of the business – processes, systems, products, services, and people.