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Ethics and Integrity


It is and has always been the policy of Minerals Technologies to conduct our business activities in a lawful and ethical manner. As a “corporate citizen” of the countries in which we do business, we have a responsibility not only to obey the law, but also to promote high standards by conducting our affairs in a clearly ethical manner. MTI has implemented corporate policies concerning legal and ethical behavior in various specific areas. These polices were established in the firm belief that it is both right and in the interests of the Company, its employees, its shareholders, industry in general, consumers and the public, to act in accordance with them.


Integrity is, and must continue to be, the basis of all our corporate relationships. All MTI employees are expected to understand and follow the corporate policies reflected in our Company’s Summary of Policies on Business Conduct (Code of Conduct). The policies are designed to maintain and enhance MTI’s integrity and reputation as an outstanding corporate citizen. All employees are required to read and acknowledge the Company’s Code of Conduct upon joining MTI and annually thereafter.


View Summary of Policies on Business Conduct (Code of Conduct)

View Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy

View Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers


We encourage employees and third parties to report any suspected violations of our policies or law, including those relating to human rights, internally to upper management or through the Company's Compliance Hotline.