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Corporate Responsibility

A Letter from Douglas T. Dietrich, Chief Executive Officer

DougDietrichWe at Minerals Technologies Inc. (MTI) understand and take seriously the responsibilities we face as a corporate citizen. Our strong heritage of ethical behavior stems from dedication to our stakeholders—our customers, shareholders, investors, the communities around the world in which we conduct business, and our employees. We believe that fostering integrity in all of our business relationships will benefit all stakeholders.

The Company is committed to being a good corporate citizen of the countries and localities where we conduct our business. We have a responsibility to obey all applicable laws, which includes antitrust and environmental laws, laws regulating stock transactions, and laws governing MTI’s relationship with its employees.

We promote high standards, as outlined in our Values statement, by conducting business in a clearly ethical manner. We have established company policies on legal and ethical behavior in various areas, guided by the firm belief that such values are both right and in the best interest of MTI and its stakeholders. Integrity is, and must continue to be, the basis of all our business activities.

The Board of Directors and senior management of Minerals Technologies is committed to the highest ethical standards because such conduct in business is beneficial for everyone.