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Our unique expertise in four core technologies enables us to formulate innovative solutions for your challenges, helping your business operate more efficiently and sustainably.


Proprietary processes to synthesize PCC crystal type, size, and morphology to achieve specific functionality for demanding applications—and add value to your products.

Consumer & Healthcare

Add nutritional and functional benefits to a range of applications including alternative dairy beverages, baked goods, and pharmaceutical tablets.

Automotive & Construction

Cost-effectively enhance performance in polymer and sealant applications.

Paper & Packaging

Reduce costs, enhance aesthetics, and increase sustainability in filling and coating applications for printer paper, packaging, and other products.

NewYield® Integrated Process Technology

Unique integrated process converts paper and pulp mill waste stream into functional pigment for filling printing and writing paper and linerboard and medium packaging.


Development of tailored blends of minerals and additives to enhance your processes and product performance—backed by expert technical and application support.


More than 300 formulations for preserving durability, strength, moisture retention, and metallurgy under high temperatures in various casting applications.

Steel & Other Industrial

Solutions enhanced with automated application equipment for a durable, corrosion-resistant, erosion-resistant insulating layer.

Technical & Application Support

Process expertise and onsite support and maintenance of customers’ vessels.

Scantrol™ Laser Refractory Measuring System

Integrated system for measuring, evaluating, and repairing refractory linings in high-temperature environments, enabling steelmakers to maintain a uniform thickness of linings in electric arc furnaces and steel ladle vessels.

Particle Surface Modification

Customized solutions for complex problems in a range of applications including drilling and waterproofing, water purification and remediation, and environmental remediation.

Flocculation Agents

Innovative water treatment and filtration technologies.

Polymer Amendment

Protecting the environment from harmful leachates.

Fluoro-Sorb® Surface-Active Agent

Absorbs three times more PFAS than activated charcoal, with faster water flow.

Technology Growth Platform

Natural clays treated with specialized surface modifiers selectively adsorb and remove a wide range of organic contaminants from water and sediments, minimizing spread of pollution.

Functional Additives

Unique mineral and additive solutions for enhancing consumer experiences, targeting specific contaminants for removal, and defining needed functionality.

Pet Care

Combining high-quality clumping bentonite-based cat litter with fragrances, malodor, and other additives to enhance consumer benefits.

Natural Purified Oil

Unique process for edible oil and renewable fuels purification.

Health & Beauty

Improving functionality of consumer products.

Animal Health

Improving animal health by reducing risk of gastrointestinal binding of mycotoxins in animal feed.

Scientist Testing Red Liquid

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