Leading Provider of Finished Goods, Minerals and Ingredients for Consumer Markets

Minerals Technologies is the world's leading producer of precipitated calcium carbonate and bentonite. These in addition to basic minerals, provide a wide range of materials to various industrial and consumer markets.

Our Brands

American Colloid Company (ACC)

American Colloid Company’s Industrial Specialties Group mines and processes smectite clay, both hydro classified and dry processed, for use in Ceramics, Paints & Coatings, Wine and Juice clarification, Printing inks, Rubber, Asphalt, and specialty household and consumer applications.

Health & Beauty Solutions (HBS)

HBS is a fully integrated finished goods and ingredients leader with 20+ years of experience in product development and manufacturing for the skin care market. Our sustained-release technologies provide all-day efficacy, while reducing irritation of problematic ingredients. Additional expertise in SPF Boosting, Mattification and Mineral Rheology make us your preferred partner.

Specialty Minerals (SMI)

Specialty Minerals Inc. supplies Calcium Carbonate (ground and precipitated) and Talc for a variety of consumer applications including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care, packaging, and pet litter.

Barretts Minerals (BMI)

Barretts Minerals Inc. high purity MICROTALC® USP talc products are used in cosmetic lotions, powders, and deodorants. Our range of Antiblock products based on Talc improve food packaging, barrier films, stretchwraps and retail and trash bags.