CETCO Energy Services Introduces the TUNA

December 3, 2013


HOUSTON — 12/3/13 — CETCO Energy Services, a leader in oilfield water treatment technology, proudly introduces the TUNA, a next generation flameless heater. The TUNA incorporates a water and glycol heat exchange fluid that acts as a neutral barrier, so that no hydrocarbon process stream ever comes into direct contact with the heat source.

The TUNA’s patent pending technology is the safest flameless heater package yet available for Class I, Division II environments and meets API 14C requirements. The mobile TUNA is designed to comply with offshore requirements while generating more than 2MM BTU/hr.

According to Morris Hoagland, Director New Technology for CETCO, “The TUNA design was spurred by customer demands for safer practices offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and onshore refinery applications.” The package accommodates inlet temperatures of approximately 60°F and achieves effluent temperatures up to 130°F at a rate of 3,000 bbls per day. The robust TUNA package recently completed field trials offshore for eight months where it provided 99.9% operational availability. This unit generates its own electricity to power all the pumps on the skid. The TUNA fully integrates with CETCO’s comprehensive water treatment packages.

About CETCO Energy Services

CETCO Energy Services offers a range of patented technologies, products and services for all phases of oil and gas production, transmission and refining throughout the world. Product lines range over eight services including water treatment, wastewater, well testing, pipeline, nitrogen, coiled tubing, consulting services and petroleum products. CETCO is committed to safe practices, providing excellent equipment and continued training for our people, and ensuring success and safety in our customer’s operations. CETCO Energy Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMCOL International (NYSE: ACO) and has a worldwide presence in over 25 locations employing more than 1,000 people in 12 countries. For more information, visit www.cetcoenergyservices.com.

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