CETCO Energy Services Introduces the Onshore ElectroCoagulation System (Onshore ESC)

November 16, 2013



Onshore Mobile Water Treatment Plant

HOUSTON — 11/15/13 — CETCO Energy Services, a leader in delivering custom solutions to energy producers, announces introduction of the Onshore ESC water treatment and reclamation package. Onshore ESC is a mobile water recycling process designed to use state of the art technology to treat virtually any oilfield generated wastewater, including flowbacks, completion fluids, produced waters and wastewaters from drilling pits.

Treated waters are typically of sufficient quality to be reused for fracturing operations. The Onshore ESC package can be configured to remove oil in water, suspended solids and metals while delivering biocide for reuse down hole. Onshore ESC reduces both the amount of waste the Operator must handle and the amount of fresh water the Operator must acquire to continue fracturing operations. Additionally, the chemical usage is much lower than the typical wastewater treatment process. The central technology and primary treatment mechanism of the Onshore ESC is the electrical coagulation (EC) module, which functions to destabilize and coagulate suspended colloidal matter in water.

“With features that differentiate it from other parallel technologies, the Onshore ESC has already completed several successful water treatment jobs and is a strong addition to our advanced and innovative technology that CETCO has to offer,” says CETCO Director of New Technology Morris Hoagland.

Onshore ESC is on a mobile platform for rapid redeployment throughout a producing field with multiple drill sites. It will typically be used along with other assets from CETCO’s water management services including water transfer pumping, filtration, temporary pipelines, and above ground water storage.

About CETCO Energy Services

CETCO Energy Services offers a range of patented technologies, products and services for all phases of oil and gas production, transmission and refining throughout the world. Product lines range over eight services including water treatment, wastewater, well testing, pipeline, nitrogen, coiled tubing, consulting services and petroleum products. CETCO is committed to safe practices, providing excellent equipment and continued training for our people, and ensuring success and safety in our customer’s operations. CETCO Energy Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMCOL International (NYSE: ACO) and has a worldwide presence in over 25 locations employing more than 1,000 people in 12 countries. For more information, visit www.cetcoenergyservices.com.

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