Integrated Services to Meet Your Diverse Needs

At CETCO, our experienced operations and design teams custom engineer and install temporary services for a wide range of Oil & Gas applications utilizing our advanced equipment fleet. Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes, Consulting Field Studies, Well Testing, Well Fluid, Filtration & Produced Water Treatment, Handling and Pipeline Fluid Management projects.

To meet your comprehensive needs throughout the life of the well, we provide an array of integrated services designed to your exact requirements.

ORCA™ Objective Root Cause Analysis
  • Process Survey & Assessment
  • treatability Studies
  • Production chemistry
  • Chemical Testing
  • Plant & Process Equipment Optimization
  • Global field team on/offshore

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ORCA™ Objective Root Cause Analysis

Well Testing
  • Deepwater Well Testing
  • HP/HT Capabilities
  • Well Cleanup & Flowbacks
  • Data Acquisition
  • Well Control
  • Extended Well Test
  • Steam Generators & Heat Exchangers
  • Fluid Transfer to Barge or Specialized Vessel
  • Drilling Solutions – Kick Control
  • DNV & ABS Specifications

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Well Testing

Water Treatment & Filtration
  • Produced Water Treatment & Polishing
  • Acid Stimulation/Completion Fluid Flowbacks
  • Decommissioning Fluid Treatment
  • Heating/Cooling Medium Treatment
  • Methanol & MEG Filtration
  • FPSO Produced Water Treatment
  • FPSO Slop Water Treatment
  • Marine Industry Support
    • Fluid Transfer/Capture Operations from Platform to OSV
    • Water Treatment/Well Testing/Pipeline Operations aboard MODU/OSV
    • Hydrotest

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Water Treatment & Filtration

Well Fluid Management
  • Pumping & Filtering
  • Chemical Injection & Flushing
  • Solids Treatment
  • Paraffin Removal
  • Stimulation Fluid Remediation
  • Completion Fluid Handling
  • HP Fluid Injection
  • Coiled Tubing Flowback Fluid Management
  • Umbilical Hydraulic Testing & Commissioning Services

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Well Fluid Management

Pipeline Fluid Management
  • Pipeline Integrity Management Fluid Handling
    • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing (Hydrotest) Treatment of
      Hydrotest Fluid
    • Flushing & Pigging Fluid Treatment
    • Commissioning/Decommissioning & Abandonment Fluid Treatment
  • Fluid Transfer from Platform/Offshore Facility to Marine
  • Vessel, Terminal & Tank Farm Cleanup
  • Equipment Rentals
    • Separation & Filtration Packages for Gas & Liquid (Separators & FilterSep Units)
    • Flare Stacks & Temporary Piping

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Pipeline Fluid Management

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