SMI is finding new and innovative ways to better utilize the energy and raw materials used to make engineered mineral products, and further integrate the satellite concept with a host mill to address important environmental issues.  NewYield® Process Technology leads the industry in that concept.

NewYield® converts a problematic pulp mill waste stream into a functional pigment for filling paper.  A sustainable feature of NewYield® is the technology eliminates the cost of environmental disposal and remediation of certain waste streams to papermakers.  There are critical waste streams produced at paper and pulp mills, which often are dealt with by sending the material to land fill or installing capital and energy intensive processes.  NewYield® Process Technology cost-effectively converts these wastes into qualified functional pigment for paper making. 

MTI’s NewYield® product has shown the ability to provide equal or better paper performance (when compared to GCC as paper filler) by providing:

1) improved bulk and opacity,
2) equal or better strength and smoothness; and 
3) similar optical properties

SMI’s NewYield® technology provides paper makers with the opportunity to use waste materials in the paper making process, providing an environmentally friendly solution while not sacrificing critical paper properties. In an environment where sustainability continues to be a major influence, NewYield® technology is keenly positioned to positively contribute to environmental sustainability.