Specialty Minerals Paper Products and Markets

Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) is the world's leading producer of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) for the global paper industry. What started in 1986 as a concept to supply on-site PCC at a papermill has grown into a network of facilities in 18 countries around the world. This phenomenal growth can be attributed to the papermaker's need to increase paper quality while lowering production costs. The popularity of PCC as a filler in uncoated woodfree (freesheet) paper in the early years soon spread to virtually all applications of graphic papers and paperboard. Our PCC now helps papermakers manufacture some of the highest quality publication papers, newsprint and coated boxboards. Precipitated calcium carbonate can be found in paper products you use everyday, from magazines, annual reports, daily newspaper inserts and envelopes to pizza boxes, ink jet papers, coupons and myriad other paper items.

Although in the early years we manufactured a limited number of different PCC filler grades, today we offer six different crystal shapes and more than three dozen PCC products to satisfy various papermakers' demands for filling and coating minerals. And, our portfolio of products continues to grow through continued research and development at several of our advanced mineral laboratories strategically positioned around the world. We maintain a never-ending need to understand the papermaking and coating process with its variable chemistry and physics. But investigations do not stop at the paper reel, or end of the paper machine. Our studies continue into how the final paper or paperboard is cut, folded, glued and printed and how our PCC can make these jobs faster, easier and more productive.

SMI encourages its scientists, sales, marketing and other personnel to either publish technical articles or present at symposia the findings of their research. Our laboratory walls are lined with dozens and dozens of plaques representing patented proprietary technology and unique commercial products.

We are proud of our past accomplishments and look forward to many exciting new product and service offerings in the future.


February 2018...

MTI has established a holding company in Shanghai, China, our Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters. 

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